Our New Site!

Jambo! Welcome to the brand new AkiDwA website! We hope you like the new layout and content which has been updated and re-designed to be more accessible and more in touch with the work we carry out. We are very keen to keep you all updated on all the work we do and we think […]

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Brain Gain — Thursday 24th July 2014

Established in 2009, Brain Gain Ireland is a network of international entrepreneurs, professionals and business people who have migrated to Ireland. The number of Irish residents who were born outside Ireland has continued to increase in recent years, now accounting for over 12% of the Irish population. Throughout the Celtic Tiger, private organisations alongside the […]

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Young Migrant Women Summer Camp

On August 23rd, AkiDwA held the second annual Young Migrant Women Summer Camp at its offices in Dublin 1. Since 2007, many young migrant women have been engaged with AkiDwA looking for information and support while also participating in many community-based activities. In 2010, a group was formed to cater to the needs of these […]

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