AkiDwA’s aim is to promote equality and justice for migrant women living in Ireland by ensuring equal opportunities and access to resources in all aspects of society: social, cultural economic, civic and political. The organisation applies a holistic approach to integration, promoting a migrant and gender-specific approach to public services as well as encouraging migrant women’s access to mainstream services and initiatives. AkiDwA’s strategy is delivered through four strategic themes – Voice; Equality; Community; and Organisational Development. AkiDwA employs three key strategies to achieve its objectives: Networking; Policy and Advocacy work; and Capacity Building. AkiDwA develops migrant women’s capacity for participation and representation in their communities and in decision making structures through training, consultation, focus groups, information provision and research. AkiDwA prioritises the following areas of work under the strategic themes:

  • Gender-based violence
  • Health
  • Integration
  • Organisation Development


Gender Based Violence


Gender Discrimination

AkiDwA’s Acievements