AkiDwA works to promote equality and justice for migrant women living in Ireland by ensuring equal opportunities and access to resources. Our activities are focused on helping  migrants  to participate fully in all aspects of social, cultural, economic, civic and political life in Ireland.

As an organisation AkiDwA takes a holistic approach to integration, promoting a migrant and gender-specific approach to public services as well as encouraging migrant women to  access  mainstream services and initiatives. AkiDwA advocates for a level playing field for all migrant women living in Ireland in their private and public lives.

AkiDwA plays a key role in helping migrant women to  address issues like Gender-Based Violence (GBV), Health and Integration.

AkiDwA develops migrant women’s capacity to participate in decision making bodies and  empowers women to represent their communities through training, consultation, focus groups, information provision and research.

AkiDwA encourages Government to approach access to rights, services and economic opportunities from a gender perspective. Safety and protection issues are paramount,  particularly within State systems.

AkiDwA employs three key strategies to achieve its objectives: Networking; Policy and Advocacy work; and Capacity Building.

AkiDwA’s Strategic plan for 2019 -2021  prioritises our work  in four  key areas: – Voice; Equality; Community and Organisational Development.

from 2019  to 2021 AkiDwA Strategic Plan  focuses  our work in four  key areas: