Anne Willems of Brilman

Anne Willems of Brilman has an Honours bachelor’s degree in Law and Sociology from University College Roosevelt,

the Netherlands. Within AkiDwA she holds the position of Policy Intern. In this capacity she has done research on civic and political participation of all migrants in Ireland (only 0.25% of all local councillors come from a migrant background) and was the main liaison person from AkiDwA for the organisation of the Promoting Political Engagement of Migrants Event, held on 24 March 2018. This was an unprecedented event where eight NGOs worked with the Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration to gather 100 migrant leaders from across Ireland and connect them with representatives from nearly all political parties. For this Conference she recruited participants and was responsible for the administrative work, especially the finances. Anne has been responsible for arranging reimbursements for multiple events as well as assisted in setting up events. At the moment she is researching Gender-Based Violence (GBV), specifically how men and faith leaders can work towards the prevention of GBV.