Jules Buckley

A native of Zimbabwe Jules Buckley has been living in Ireland since the year 2000. Her background is general management. She has experience in office management and Administration, public relations and human resources management. Jules is currently working as a Marketing Executive. She previously worked with Pobal as an administrator. She is a qualified and practicing hypnotherapist and life coach and focus on Pranic Psychotherapy and personal training.

Since arriving in to Ireland, she has taken a keen interest in volunteering for various NGOs who work with disadvantaged particularly the migrant community on issues of discrimination, racism, domestic violence and FGM. She has worked and supported SARI (Sports Against Racism Ireland) as a volunteer and now volunteers with AkiDwA. In 2009 she helped with the development of Brain Gain Ireland, a network for migrant entrepreneurs and professionals which has now been running for the last 10 years. Jules sits on the board of AkiDwA and presents the organisation at different forums in Europe