Akina Dada wa Africa

Akina Dada wa Africa, or AkiDwA for short, is a national network of migrant women living in Ireland. Akina Dada wa Africa means sisterhood in Swahili. Over two decades, AkiDwA has gained recognition as a leading NGO highlighting the issues faced by migrant women in Ireland. 

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AkiDwA depends on the charity of individuals to do our work.

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Latest News

Job Vacancy: Women’s Support Officer

May 11, 2022

Job Title: Women’s Support Officer Reporting to: CEO AkiDwA Position: Full-time (35 hours a week) Duties of Work: Identify women…

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Job Vacancy: Domestic Violence Support Worker

Job Advertisement Established in 2001 AkiDwA is an ethnic minority-led national network of migrant women living in Ireland which promotes…

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Job Vacancy: Research Consultant Needed

April 19, 2022

DEADLINE: 5pm 6th MAY 2022 AkiDwA-The Migrant Women’s Network Ireland is looking to recruit a consultant to carry out a…

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