AkiDwA is a registered charity in Ireland (CHY 17227) and we are also registered with the Charities Regulator as Akina Dada wa Africa (Charity Number 20063641). AkiDwA also operates as a company limited by guarantee without capital share (370089).

The organisation is governed by a Board of Directors from diverse backgrounds and professions. The board meets six times a year. The Annual General Assembly is held every year where an annual report which includes a narrative of activities and financial report are shared and discussed with stakeholders. The work of the organisation is also supported by an advisory committee made up of both migrants and indigenous people from different backgrounds and expertise.

AkiDwA fully Complies with The Governance Code for the Community, Voluntary, and Charitable Sector in Ireland, having completed our journey to compliance in April 2019.

Evaluation carried out by the AkiDwA in 2018 indicated the organisation has highly qualified board members and is embedded with resilience governance policies and compliance, has skillful and knowledgeable motivated staff that take pride in their work with members, volunteers, and target group loyalty to the important work of the organisation.

AkiDwA annual reports are prepared in accordance with the Companies Act 2014 and, voluntarily in the absence of statutory reporting standards for charities in Ireland, in accordance with international best practice SORP best practice standard of accountability and transparency for charities [Charities Statement of Recommended Practice SORP (FRS 102)
As organisation we are committed to transparency and good governance. Our Annual Reports and Financial Statements are shared during Annual general Assembly and publicly on our website.

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