AkiDwA achieves compliance with the Governance Code

Press Release Date: May 1, 2019

AkiDwA, Ireland’s national network for migrant women is proud to announce that we achieved compliance with Ireland’s Governance Code for Community, Voluntary and Charitable (CVC)
organizations in April 2019.

The Governance Code is a voluntary code of practice that was developed to promote good governance by Community, Voluntary and Charitable (CVC) organisations operating in Ireland.
Using the Governance Code logo on our literature is a way for AkiDwA to convey to stakeholders that AkiDwA is committed to openness, transparency and accountability; and to doing the right thing in the right way.
Becoming compliant means that AkiDwA can use the Governance Code Logo for three years.

The AkiDwA Board declared our compliance for three years from the 8th April 2019, so this means AkiDwA is able to use the Governance Code logo on official documents like company reports and on the AkiDwA web site until April 8 2022.

AkiDwA began working towards compliance with the code in 2016. The process involved Board members and staff examining all aspects of AkiDwA policies and operations.

“Compliance took a bit longer than we expected but it is a journey that is well worth undertaking for any voluntary sector organisation that wants to show it has an engaged Board of Directors that is committed to operating transparently,” said AkiDwA Head of Operations & Strategy, Salome Mbugua.

About AkiDwA
AkiDwA is short for Akina Dada wa Africa, which means sisterhood in Swahili.
AkiDwA is the national network for migrant women living in Ireland. Formally established in 2001, AkiDwA represents all migrant women living in Ireland. AkiDwA helps migrant women to access housing, employment, education and health services. AkiDwA campaigns actively to end gender based violence and female genital mutilation/ cutting and on a wide range of issues related to equality.

About the Governance Code
The code is a brand mark developed for the charity, voluntary and community sector by organizations operating in the (CVC) sector in order to promote good governance.
Good governance is defined as taking place where the board sets objectives and oversees the achievement of organizational goals. It was developed by The Governance Code Working Group, which is made up of representatives from the charities regulator, the Wheel, Business in The Community. The Governance Code is a collection of recommended practices to enable boards to set and achieve organizational objectives
The code was developed by people working with charities, community groups and voluntary organizations to highlight organizations that practice good governance and have board accountability.

AkiDwA Contacts
Shan Kelly, Communications Officer
Email: communications@akidwa.ie
01 8349851 or 086 6641667
Salome Mbugua, Head of Operations & Strategy 01 8349851

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