AkiDwA’s work on health is in two main areas

Reproductive health:  AkiDwA provides training for women on reproductive health in all migrant accommodation centres

AkiDwA also runs workshops in  accommodation centres focusing on  men’s sexual health

Since March 2018, AkiDwA has been providing informal group talk therapy for migrant and refugee women using a psycho-social approach known as Let’s Talk.

Let’s Talk project: 

In order to assure that Let’s Talk workshops  meet the needs of our intended clients, we are conducting research into the mental health needs of migrant refugee women and their experiences accessing services in Ireland.

AkiDwA has begun a research project on the mental health of migrant women, with a view to piloting a  new series of informal psycho-social support and art therapy sessions in a culturally sensitive manner.

Through interviews and focus groups with migrant and refugee women, AkiDwA will identify the mental health  needs of refugee women, from a service provider’s perspective, a social perspective and a  transcultural perspective. A report on our findings shall be produced, with recommendations for improving  the  pilot  programme so that Let’s Talk can  respond better  to refugee women affected by stress or trauma.

Our  report and its recommendations will feed directly into the delivery of ten sessions of informal psycho-social support and ten art therapy sessions, meeting the needs of migrant women in an evidence-based and culturally sensitive manner.