Conference: Gender-Based Violence – Migrant Women’s Perspectives

We’re hosting an online conference! Join us on 26th November as part of the global movement, 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.

When: Thursday, 26th November 2020 


Where: Virtually, via Zoom, Register via Eventbrite to participate. 

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This conference aims to explore intersectionality between migration, and sexual and gender-based violence and takes key examples to carve a path for improved equality and safety for migrant women and girls. Sexual and gender-based violence is a key objective area of AkiDwA’s work and the organisation has been focusing on FGM, Domestic violence with research on trafficking of women been undertaken this year. AkiDwA has interest on exploring forced marriages which is a new area of interest due to concerns conveyed to the organisation in recent times. The conference aim is to create a platform for discussions and sharing of good practice in dealing with SGBV. The organisation will present preliminary findings of our research on trafficking, and will have guest speakers from Ireland, Europe and the UK to discuss key policy actions which can make a difference to SGBV and community efforts to change the culture of violence and safety.

Migration has severe consequences for vulnerable women, quite often before, during and after arriving at country of destination migrant women find themselves in precarious situations. The immigration journey and complication of immigration law at country of destination can hinder women from seeking help while other women and girls are subjected to violence at the hands of their families. SGBV are harmful practices against women and girls – manifestations of an unequal society where men are consciously and unconsciously treated as superior to women. Further, SGBV plays on other inequalities and vulnerabilities. Migrant women are more vulnerable to domestic violence for multiple reasons, they face barriers to safety and justice when it comes to gender-based violence, trafficking, by its nature, cuts women off from their homes and communities, taking them to a place where they can be exploited for someone else’s gain. FGM and early and forced marriage are cultural practices and often go hand in hand. They are most often expressed in more patriarchal cultures which value a man’s desire above women’s wellness.

Untangling all these complex reasons behind SGBV is not easy. However, it does boil down to a key issue: power. If we rethink and reframe power and equality in society, we can give it back to the survivors of these violent practices. We present this online conference as part of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence (25th November – 10th December). We want to take this opportunity to ensure that the specific experiences and risk factors for migrant women are counted in the fight against SGBV.

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