First Fortnight 2020 AkiDwA will be at DCU on January 10th for Music,Talk and Healing

First Fortnight Festival 2020

#FFFest 2020 events are taking place across Ireland

Friday, January 1oth  will be the first time that AkiDwA will be involved with the First Fortnight Arts Festival, the nationwide arts festival that has been taking place across Ireland for the past seven years.

AkiDwA members and staff have teamed up with our partners in Pavee Point, Cairde and the Recovery College to put together an album and book launch that will celebrate how arts activities help us to build helpful habits that support good mental health.

Dublin North North East Recovery College worked with Akidwa, Cairdre, DCU, Pavee Point and Silver Thread Writers Group to create this event called “Journeys – What I Know Now”, a morning of transcultural music, poems and discussions intended to promote understanding and promote wellbeing.

The day’s journey will commence with the launch of a collection of selected stories and poems entitled  What I Know Now. The booklet was written by students of the Dublin North North East Recovery College and facilitated by the Silver Thread group.

Hitting the high notes, we will also be launching the Song Creation Collective’s  debut C.D single of original music, written and performed by students of the  Dublin North North East Recovery College. We will also be taking part in a transcultural Dialogue panel where we will discuss migration, culture, communities and how all of these factors can affect  your mental health. There will be a video performance entitled “YANA – You are not alone” from AKiDwA, followed by Chris O’Donnell performing a song written to reflect what can happen during a transition to homelessness, all expressed through a poetic medium.

Participants can take part in one of  these workshops or just hang out in the exhibition space-

  • The River of Life -with Akidwa
  • Grub Box, Pavee Point
  • Poetry Workshop  with  Silver Thread

There will aslo be a Storycase presentation by Cairdre on  how migrants’ life journeys have evolved into jobs involving design, fashion arts and crafts. After an informative morning, participants will join together again for a final session of music and dance celebrating our transcultural recovery journey.

This event will last for three hours and  registration begins at 9.15 a.m.

Presented by Dublin North, North East Recovery College, in conjunction with Akidwa, Cairdre, DCU, Pavee Point and Silver Thread

  The full programme for the two week arts festival is here
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