Migrant Women Unite to highlight their needs to candidates

Rosemary Kunene, Voices of Migrant Ireland said: “Access to education is arguably the most important tool for people to achieve their potential. It is therefore crucially important that women from a migrant background are fully supported to access education and that proactive efforts are made to overcome the barriers they face, including targeted resources, where necessary. Recent research has revealed that seven in 10 people in Ireland believe refugee and asylum seeking children should have equal access to education and training, so it is time we had effective measures to make this a reality.”

Teresa Buczkowska, Integration Coordinator, Immigrant Council of Ireland said: “Underpinning our manifesto is a joint commitment to end racism in Irish society. Sadly our experience has shown that
systemic racism is a key barrier to getting a job, accessing education, and getting effective healthcare and support .

As a collective and society we are fully committed to calling for measures to tackle racism, including the introduction of effective hate crime legislation and a National Action Plan Against Racism.”

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