Quiz: Healthy Relationships

Can you identify the red flags which tell you whether to be worried about a relationship? Do you know what a healthy relationship looks like? Take our quiz on some of the common warning signs of danger in a relationship. This could help you or a friend some day.


#1. Partners share decision and responsibilities. they discuss roles ro ensure that they are equal and fair.

#2. One partner often "walks on eggshells" to avoid upsetting the other.

#3. One partner feels that they "cannot live" without the other. They threaten drastic actions if the relationship ends.

#4. Partner would never force sexual activity or insist on doing something the other is uncomfortable with.

#5. Partners accept eachother's opinions, friends and interests. They listen to eachother.

#6. One partner decides when the other can leave the house and decides what reasons are acceptable.

#7. One partner checks the other's phone and reads text message and personal emails.

#8. Partners can "be themselves" with each other.

#9. One partner tries to keep the other from seeing friends or family through guilt or violence.

#10. One partner doesn't like spending time in a group and insists on seeing their partner with just eachother.