Recognizing those behind AkiDwA’s 20th Anniversary Celebration – Part 1

AkiDwA celebrated 20 years of activism and advocacy for the rights of migrant women in Ireland. The venue had place on the 26th of February at the Hilton Hotel Airport. It was a night full of entertainment with music, dancing, good food and drinks. There was also a time for recognise those who have worked alongside with the organisation during these years.

The following people received an award as a way of thanking them for their work and alliances that we have built together. By award, we mean a way to recognize their work and dedication. Here, we are all important. Those who read next are those people who attended the event on Saturday 26. We will also be publishing soon the list of those people who, for various reasons, could not attend.

To all, thanks a million!  Finally, we will be sharing all the photos of the event in our gallery section, so stay tuned.


And the awards went to…

MASI – Movement of Asylum seekers in Ireland: AkiDwA recognise their great work with those in seeking international protection and living in Direct Provision centres in Ireland, and for advocating for equality of access opportunities and social protection. Their work over the years reaffirms AkiDwA mission and vision of an equal society where everyone is treated with dignity and respect and has access aspect of the society social, economic, and political.

National Women’s Council Ireland: This organisation was the first point of call when AkiDwA was establishing. Over the years we have collaborated on many activities, both pushing same vision and mission promoting equality and justice for women in Ireland. AkiDwa recognise you as important partners in shaping the future of feminism in Ireland.

Ola Mustapha -community activist, campaigner: AkiDwA recognise your efforts and hard work and not allowing to be silenced, your support for women in Direct Provision, courage to speak out and determination has enabled other women to open up and challenge inequalities too.

National Traveller Women’s Forum: AkiDwA recognise our joint work and collaboration in fighting exclusion and lack of representation experienced by Travellers, migrant and ethnic minority women.

Cork Migrant Centre: AkiDwA and CMC has collaborated and partnered in many projects over the years which include health, capacity building and civic engagement.

IOM Dublin: Great and solid partners over the year, jointly or with your support, AkiDwA have held information meetings in various counties, campaigned against trafficking of women, and with your support AkiDwA was able to have avenues to Garda training and opportunity which has helped us advanced our work on FGM significantly.


Jules Buckley: Initiator of Brain gain project within AkiDwA, you did your share having served as a director for years, your believe for a just society and support for survivors of Domestic violence and your great humour continue to shine.

Robin Hanon: You have been a great supporter of AkiDwA for many years, working with team, board and staff to ensure good governance and to ensure our organisation remain relevant through facilitation of strategic meeting. We acknowledge your support for our organisation refugees and asylum seekers for years.

Immigrant Council Ireland: You were the very first organisation that AkiDwA developed a memorandum of understanding together with in support of migrant women experiencing domestic violence and those who have been trafficked. We have partnered in many events and development of new initiative including Migrant women NhReann. We value our partnerships and work relationship.

Garda Kelly: AkiDwA recognises your work and efforts, ensuring women and girls are safe from been subjected to Female Genital Mutilation, your leadership on the investigation of the 1st FGM case in Ireland which led to conviction in 2020, but as well your support and input on FGM and the law in Ireland.

Nusha Yonkova: AkiDwA acknowledge your contribution for knowledge, understanding and expertise on human trafficking especially on trafficking of women, your contribution and well thought projects aimed at the empowerment of migrant women.

Partners in Catalyst: AkiDwa appreciate and acknowledge your support. Since 2003, you have supported the organisation with delivery of training, enlighted and educated us on Irish history – you are among few indigenous who understand real struggles of migrant women.


AMDAF: For your effort and support to migrant women, your collaboration on projects including CAAR and For establishing radio programmes for education and raising awareness on real issues facing our communities in Ireland.

Ivana Bacik: AkiDwa acknowledge your tireless effort and support in our struggle and fight to end FGM. Since 2007, you drafted the FGM bill which became FGM Act 2012.

Break Forth: For all your work which compliments AkiDwA mission, on women entrepreneurship, Youth of African Descent – and on effective collaborations over the years.

HAPANI: With our partnership project sharing is caring, we have learned a lot from each other. AkiDwa acknowledge your work often in difficult circumstances, we hope to forge relationship and advance work in our north/ south partnership moving forward.

 Pamela Ogunwusi: AkiDwA acknowledge the great role you have played over the years communicating about our work and on issues affecting migrants, you compiled the migration stories of migrant women for AkiDwA and helped us to publish our first book- Herstory, you wrote the very first article on AkiDwA in 2001 which appeared on the Metro Eireann newspaper.

Photos: Blake Jones- TGC Multimedia

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