Since 2019, AkiDwA has been delivering Cultural competence training to service providers and front-line services. The primary goal of this training is to prompt individuals to examine their assumptions and preconceptions about other cultures, while also fostering an awareness of their own cultural heritage and its influence on their worldviews, values, and assumptions. Designed to encourage reflection on personal attitudes and behaviours within a diverse work environment, these sessions engage participants in a dynamic and thought-provoking manner. To date AkiDwA has delivered training to over 300 people from various organisation, Womens Aid Ireland, Ruhama, Ambar Womens Refuge, HSE- Blanchardstown, Laoise Integration group, DoJ, 3rd Age Alliance, Aoibhneas Domestic Abuse and Cross care.

Through this training, participants will develop the skills needed to communicate more effectively and navigate cultural differences with ease, thereby breaking down barriers with colleagues and clients from diverse backgrounds. By gaining a deeper understanding of cultural diversity, individuals are better equipped to foster an inclusive and respectful workplace environment. Organisations are encouraged to apply for this training.