AkiDwA's work on domestic violence (DV) dates back to the organization's establishment, as some of the early members were victims of violence. Domestic violence occurs across all regions, within families of every social and ethnic background, and affects individuals of any age or disability. However, some members of society encounter additional obstacles in accessing services and reaching safety. AkiDwA contends that the domestic abuse of migrant women in Ireland represents a form of power and control, exacerbated by cultural, traditional, and immigration issues. Over the years, the organization has conducted awareness-raising sessions for migrant women and has provided accompaniment to court. In 2022, AkiDwA received funding from the Department of Justice to advance its work in this area, under the victim support program in alignment with the EU Victims Directive.

AkiDwA’s Victim Support project focuses on assisting migrant women living in Ireland, particularly those affected by domestic, sexual, and gender-based violence. The Victim Support Officer offers continuous, individualized support through confidential information services, referrals, court accompaniment, and advocacy. Additionally, the project seeks to enhance awareness of domestic abuse and the availability of support services through training sessions for migrant communities throughout Ireland. Between July 2022 and December 2023, the project reached over 3,650 women, conducted more than 80 training and awareness sessions, and supported 493 women. In July 2023, a significant DSGBV Policy Dialogue was convened in Athlone to discuss the policy-induced vulnerabilities faced by migrant women experiencing DSGBV, identify current gaps, and suggest essential recommendations for change. This was done in collaboration with the GBV-MIG project at the University of Galway, which also produced a report.

To highlight the experiences of women across Ireland who have overcome violence and navigated additional support barriers, a collection of survivor stories was compiled. This initiative aims to motivate more women to seek support. (See attached.)

The organization has presented to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Gender Equality in 2022 and, in 2023, before the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Justice, discussing the General Scheme of the Domestic, Sexual, and Gender-Based Violence Agency Bill.