Established by the HSE in 2022, the project's primary aim is to support vulnerable women who are likely to become homeless. This includes those affected by substance abuse or facing other health-related issues. A key component of the project involves collecting data and providing support to migrant women, with a particular focus on those from African communities who are at risk. AkiDwA plays a crucial role in this initiative through the work of a dedicated Peer Support Officer. This officer provides direct support to migrant women facing homelessness by facilitating one-on-one assistance. This includes help with filling out Social Welfare forms, HAP (Housing Assistance Payment) Application forms, and social housing forms. Additionally, the project focuses on sharing relevant information and opportunities that can aid these women in their time of need.

While the project currently serves migrant women living in County Dublin, there is hope to expand its reach across the country in the future. AkiDwA also facilitates cross-referrals within our other projects and external referrals, ensuring a comprehensive support network for the women we serve.