Since July 2018, AkiDwA has been conducting sessions on sexual and reproductive health for migrant women in all counties, primarily targeting those living in Direct Provision centers. In 2019, the organization expanded its sessions to include topics on male sexual behaviour, which encompassed providing information and distributing condoms. This addition aimed to complement the women’s project, addressing concerns migrant women frequently expressed to AkiDwA about having to compromise their reproductive health needs due to their partners' lack of cooperation or agreement on matters related to women's reproductive health. These issues include the use of contraceptives, fertility, and crisis pregnancy, among others. Over the past two years, there has been a significant increase in demand for support and information on sexual and reproductive health, driven by the large number of women seeking asylum, many of whom reside in emergency accommodation centres. Since 2022, there has been an addition of 99 emergency accommodation centres across the country.

The AkiDwA Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) project focuses on delivering health information sessions to migrant women, with a specific emphasis on those living in Direct Provision and emergency accommodation centres. The project also involves directing women to health service providers and offering individual support, which includes arranging hospital appointments and providing accompaniment when necessary. The topics covered in these sessions include but are not limited to, contraception, consent, sexually transmitted diseases, menopause, menstruation, and sexual health services. Recently, the project has been enhanced by the inclusion of hygiene packs, donated to the organisation, to further support the women. From January to October 2023, 86 sessions were delivered, reaching 1,723 women and covering 46 centres in 22 counties.