The primary goal of this one-off project which commenced in 2023 is to document the experiences of women seeking international protection, amplify their voices, and, in doing so, inform relevant policies and practices. This will be achieved through organizing focus group discussions with women residing in emergency accommodation centers, disseminating awareness-raising information, and conducting both qualitative and quantitative research. The project seeks to delve into the lived experiences of migrant women in emergency accommodations, providing a platform for these women to voice their concerns and share their perspectives. It aims to empower women by offering opportunities to learn about their rights, access available services and opportunities, and receive peer-to-peer and psychosocial support.

Upon completion, AkiDwA will compile and publish a testimonial booklet and report, highlighting the stories of women seeking international protection who are living in emergency accommodation centers. This documentation will serve as a critical resource for advocating for improved support structures and policy reforms.