Victims of Crime Support

2023-From commitments to actions-responding to migrant womens experiences of DSGBV (23 Jul)


Domestic, Sexual and Gender Based Violence

AkiDwA recognises gender-based vi­­olence in all its forms, including sexual, physical, emotional / psychological and socio-economical violence, and harmful traditional practices, such as female genital mutilation (FGM), forced marriages, trafficking and honour-based abuse.

Victim Support:

AkiDwA supports migrant women affected by crime, with a specific focus on domestic violence. Other crimes include sexual violence, racism, discrimination, trafficking and early or forced marriages.

Victim Support Services:

We provide confidential information; advocacy; accompaniment to court and other appointments; referrals to legal support, counselling, voluntary assisted return; and referrals/signposting to other services as deemed necessary. We also run a women’s support group that is open to victims of crime who engage our service.

To make an appointment with our Victim Support Officer, please email with your query and we will contact you to make an appointment.

AkiDwA also provides free sensitization sessions to women’s groups on domestic violence and the support services available to migrant women in Ireland through in-person and on-line trainings. AkiDwA also conducts research on issues including domestic violence, rape and trafficking which particularly affect women.