Video: Beyond Bias and Barriers – Women’s Leadership Matters


Wednesday 10th of March 2021:

AkiDwA’s conference marking International Women’s Day 2021 and our 20th anniversary year

The aim of today’s conference was to discuss the widespread bias and prejudice that exist against women. It looked at gendered social norms, how social beliefs obstruct gender equality in areas like politics, work, and education, as well as gender-based stereotypes.

The ‘Beyond Bias and Barriers’ conference provided a platform for women to explore the challenges they face, and also account for achievements made so far towards overcoming them, through tireless effort, work and campaigning for equality and women’s rights in the last two decades. It articulated strategies of achieving greater gender equality for women and girls into the future.

Discussion Moderator:

  • Salome Mbugua – researcher, gender equality activist, human rights advocate and founder and Head of Operations and Strategy at AkiDwA 

Panel speakers:

  • Prof. Kathleen Lynch – sociologist, activist and professor emeritus of equality studies at University College Dublin (UCD).
  • Dr. Colletta Dalikeni – lecturer in Social Care in Dundalk Institute of Technology.
  • Ailbhe Smyth –  academic, feminist and LGBTQ activist.


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