Would you like  to train as a health ambassador and work  with people in your community?

AkiDwA  is looking for  volunteers to train as Community Health Ambassadors to prevent FGM.

Providing information on FGM is key to helping migrant  families  make  the decision to abandon the practice. Raising awareness of  the practice  among professionals  who work with children who  are at risk of FGM is also extremely important.

AkiDwA has a network of volunteer community health ambassadors throughout Ireland who work to raise awareness of  the effects of FGM in their local communities.

AkiDwA has been raising awareness of the impacts of FGM since 2001 and we helped the  Royal College of Surgeons to produce the first guide for medical professionals on how to treat people who have been affected by it.

Our campaigning work led to FGM being outlawed in Ireland in 2012, when the Irish state also passed to laws making it illegal to have FGM performed on any child who is living in Ireland.

However, estimates of the number of women and children  in Ireland who have been affected by FGM have continued to rise, and there are now estimated to be almost 6000 people living in Ireland with experience of FGM, which has no health benefits.

If you are interested  in training to be a community health ambassador or  you would like  to get more information please email info@akidwa.ie

or call (01) 8349851.

Benefits Include

  • Receiving training on FGM.
  • Being part of the program to end FGM in Ireland.
  • Becoming part of the Community Health Ambassador network.
  • Gaining valuable work experience.
  • Transport costs will be covered.

The Role Will Involve

  • Raising awareness of FGM and  what the 2012 legislation  means for people within your community.
  • Raising awareness on FGM within local health centres and organisations
  • Attending Community Health Ambassador meetings every 2 months
  • Sharing of experiences with other community health ambassadors
  • Commitment of 1 hour a week.


  •  You must be based in Ireland.